Custom Home Plans


Omega Custom Homes is here to help you embark on your custom home-building journey in Washington state, from Bremerton to Olympia, Mercer Island, and the I-90 corridor. As a leading custom home builder, we recognize your home as a mirror of your essence, style, and aspirations. Your quest for a "custom home builder near me" ends with us, where your voice is heard, and your vision is prioritized.

Our initial meeting focuses entirely on you, understanding your wish list and the vision for your space. Here, your ideas begin to soar, from cozy reading nooks to modern kitchens and scenic balconies. Our approachable team makes this phase an enjoyable venture, transforming the process of building a custom home into an exhilarating journey.


During the design phase, we blend your dreams with our expertise, embracing the essence of custom building to ensure every space reflects your individuality. Our team collaborates closely with you, bringing your vision to life, balancing luxury with budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. With two decades of experience, we meticulously plan each detail, from room layouts to window placements, ensuring a stress-free and anticipatory experience.

The culmination of our process is the transformation of detailed plans into your dream home. We manage every construction phase, aligning work with the blueprint, and involving you to your comfort level. This journey showcases a fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and personalization. Our one-year warranty underscores the reliability and distinction of your new home. Welcome to a residence distinctly yours, crafted by us, envisioned by you—a partnership with the best in the field.

Custom Plans

We can custom create your dream home just for you. It is part of the “No Charge Phase” of The Omega Method. We will meet with you, go over your wish list and vision, and get started creating a plan just for you.

Stock Plans

We also work with stock plans. To view stock plans from our preferred distributors, check out the links below.