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The Omega Method

What We Do For You

The Omega Method is the very culture of our company. It has proven to be the only and most cost effective way to produce the transparency of the projects details that our clients appreciate, while also providing us with the information to keep their project on budget.

The No Charge Phase I: Vision and Planning

In this foundational phase, we embark on the journey without any financial commitment from you. It’s where your dreams begin to take shape through budget identification, site planning, and the initial design of your home’s floor plan and front elevation.

Phase II: Design Finalization and Approval

Kitchen Blueprint

Here, the focus is on crystallizing your vision into a detailed, actionable plan. This phase encompasses the finalization of house designs, the creation of a comprehensive and detailed computerized site plan, the meticulous process of any required ACC submission, and the selection of your preferred materials and specifications. A crucial element of this phase is presenting you with the initial pricing, which will set the stage for transparent and informed decision-making.

Phase III: Permitting and Pre-Construction Preparation

Blueprint Approval

Here we transition to the preparatory stage for construction. This phase involves finalizing all project specifications and locking in the price of the contract. We then proceed with structural engineering assessments and the creation of permit-ready drawings. The culmination of this phase is the successful submission of permits and the preparation for any necessary bank financing meetings, ensuring a seamless transition to the actual construction of your dream home. We handle the complexities of obtaining necessary building permits to ensure compliance with local regulations and zoning laws.

With these phases, dubbed "The Omega Method," we streamline the journey from initial vision to construction readiness, blending meticulous planning with clear communication. Each step is designed to bring you closer to the home of your dreams, with no surprises along the way.